Coaching Programmes

All the programmes are bespoke, tailor made to best suit your unique requirements.  

The charges for your unique programme depend on how much time you wish to invest, and we can discuss this together.

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Option 1 - "Exclusive"

The most intensive support for CEOs, Managers, entrepreneurs, etc.


We meet every alternate week, for as long as it takes (up to 3 hours per session) over the course of one coaching year (44 weeks). You have 24 hour access (phone/email/social media) and continuous support between sessions to ensure that you have maximum support to achieve your desired outcome. After a total of 12 calendar months and committed work together, realising your dream for your professional/personal life will simply be the natural outcome.

Option 2 - "Growth Accelerator"

Designed for experienced professionals to rediscover their options.

A total of 8 sessions across 3-6 months. We will be meeting 1 to 2 times per month, with sessions lasting as long as needed (between 1-3 hours). I'll be available to support you every day via email and Whatsapp, helping you to get the most that you can out of our dedicated coaching sessions so that you can do the inner work needed to achieve your desired outcome.

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Option 3 - "Go with the Flow"

Tailor-made for strong & pro-active leaders with support when needed.

This package provides 10 hours of contact time, which you book according to when you feel is best. The sessions can be spread across as long as you like within a 3 year time frame. Each time we meet, I will block 2 hours, though actual session length is up to you and you may choose to use less than this.

Option 4 - "On the Go"

Valuable ad-hoc support for professionals with time constraints.

A 50 minute coaching session to support you to identify and achieve your desired outcome. You can book these sessions on an on-demand basis, and there is no minimum or maximum duration of our coaching journey together.

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