Frequently Asked Questions

Every coach is different, but coaching is a technical practice in which there are certain core elements that should never change. Not sure what coaching really is? Or perhaps you're just not sure if it's right for your circumstances? Read on for some answers to common questions, or just click below to arrange a chat.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals and organisations to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results. Coaches work with clients in all areas including business, career, finance, health, sports and relationships. As a result of coaching, you will set meaningful goals, take effective actions, make better decisions, and learn to fully use your natural strengths.

Its is not advising or influencing; and although it can be therapeutic in its effect, it is not therapy or counselling. It is a highly motivational and empowering way of supporting you to develop yourself whilst providing a framework in which you will improve personal leadership and greater individual performance.

The experience of being coached is a deep and sometimes quite intense process of discovering your personal purpose. It helps to guide your actions and even inspire others. It will be unlike any conversation you’ve experienced before. It is an opportunity to expand your comfort zone.

We have a system in our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) that helps our brains decide what information to focus on or ignore. When you have a clearly-defined purpose - a vision - and when you live every moment in a state of certainty that you’ll achieve it, you influence what your RAS lights up. As a result, you pay special attention to things that help you achieve what you’re after, things you otherwise would have never noticed.

Coaching will help you  strengthen your focus (RAS), and support you to embrace and learn from your failures to create the ideal conditions for you to achieve your goal.

To be coached is a wonderful experience. To feel the support and encouragement of another human being who believes in your ability to achieve is truly amazing. The coaching relationship is non-judgemental, meaning that no one is standing in judgement or has an opinion. It is unconditional, and is designed to support and encourage you to achieve something you didn’t believe you could achieve.

Who is it for?

Anyone can benefit from coaching. Essentially, a coach is someone who holds a mirror up to you, encourages you to reflect on yourself and your purpose, challenges your view of the world, supports you to setting goals that stretch you beyond comfort and then supporting you to achieve them.

How to get started?

If you'd like to explore the possibility of coaching with me, just click here. I'll get back in touch with you to arrange an initial call, in which we'll get to know each other and I will offer a free coaching session. This call will help you understand what it's like to be coached, and will help us both see if the dynamic feels right. If it doesn't feel like a good fit, I may refer you onto someone else who I think you might work better with. Most responsible coaches will do this as having a good dynamic together is essential to help you get the most out of coaching, which is what we really care about.

Why pay up front?

Firstly, it's just great to get it over and done with once and never have to come back to talking about money! Coaching is a journey, and it takes commitment and perseverance from both of us. By paying upfront you are demonstrating your commitment: to me, to yourself, and to the process of your own personal development. Total commitment is a vital part of a powerful coaching relationship and is the main driver behind achieving incredible results, and knowing that you have committed to your full coaching journey makes sure both of us push through when you come up against challenges.

Where and when do we meet?

On the Services page you will see that I run a number of different coaching programmes, so the number of coaching sessions we have together will depend on the programme you choose. Right now, all my classes are on Zoom. Having our video on during the session has its benefits as I learn so much from your body language and expressions as we talk but it is not a must. I have had clients whose faces I’ve never seen yet have had powerful outcomes. We will usually schedule your next session at the end of the current one. We chat together about how long you would like to have before the next session to make sure that you have time to put your commitments into action, and keep the momentum up!

What does 'unlimited support' mean?

You'll see that some of my coaching programmes offer unlimited support between sessions. This means I'm on hand to support you even when we haven't got a formal coaching session - maybe you've come up against a challenge you don't know how to face; or maybe you just want to send me a Whatsapp message to let me know when you've made a really huge step! Whatever it is, it means I'm there for you and there will be some days when you need quite a bit of support - and that's fine. I love coaching and I'll be excited to help you move forward at any time.

How much does it cost?

My wish is to make coaching affordable to everyone. I even volunteer my services and do pro-bono coaching. The different packages I offer cater for different needs, so there will be something for you. It's important that we talk about what you want to get out of coaching first and foremost, and then we can run through how much it costs with that perspective. Either way - don't worry about the money initially - just prioritise working out whether you'd like to do it.

What if I don't fit into the classic coachee profile?

No one does! Often coaches advertise themselves as 'life coaches', or 'career coaches' or 'professional coaches’. In reality, coaching is a technique that, if ethically practiced, doesn't change - whatever the goal may be. Everyone has different aspects to their lives, and it is the role of the coach to really help you understand your 'whole' life, support you to develop a 'growth' mindset and help you set goals that move you into a space that feels great for you - whatever that may look like.