Make Work Meaningful or Find Meaningful Work

Working with experienced professionals who seek adventure and value growth

To be the best version of yourself and inspire others

Time is the only capital that any human being has,

and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.

-Thomas Edison

Are you...

Finding work isn’t meaningful?


Worried that your lack of enthusiasm for your work will become your new attitude?


Forcing yourself to believe this is the best you can get? 


Waiting for the pandemic to end to change your situation? This waiting game can be tiring. 


Feeling like you're not being true to yourself? 

Do you feel like...

You are not ready to settle yet, but feel like you're forced to? 

You've settled for less than what you could have? 

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Instead of Masaais jumping.jpg

Imagine what could be...

Work is filled with fun challenges that excite you and give you the opportunity to grow and add brilliant experiences to your collection.

Hello, I'm Anup


I know how the fear of uncertainty, the lack of knowledge of the possibilities and the thought of losing your financial security make it seem like you don't have a choice but to carry on with the status quo.

As an International Coaching Federation approved Professional Coach, I've partnered with experienced professionals like you to do work filled with fun challenges and exciting opportunities to grow. I'd love to work with you too, and support you to add even more amazing experiences to your life collection.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right.

- Henry Ford

Find out how

from 4 unique coaching programmes.

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Possible outcomes...

Your actions will naturally become more effective when your vision is challenged and made clear.

Your work is stimulating and meaningful​.

You finish work full of energy , feeling like you've really made a difference and looking forward to the next part of the day.

For the first time, your whole life feels truly in balance, and you're moving upwards in every way.

You earn a comfortable living that allows you the freedom to live in a lovely community​; where you can go walking and cycling and come back to a home that is warm, bright, spacious and open.

Happy Clients.

Anup exudes sincerity, integrity, and empathy, and is phenomenal at getting me to slow down, and make sense of the muddle in my head. His sessions not only renewed my confidence and enthusiasm, but also actively moved me forwards in areas where I'd been stuck for months

- F.S, Therapist

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never did.

- Thomas Jefferson